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Lake Manyara National Park is famous for its varied wildlife. Lake Manyara magnificent landscape stretches for 50 km along the 600-meter high Rift Valley. Ernest Hemingway (A Nobel prize winning American journalist, novelist, and short-story writer) described this setting as the most beautiful he has ever seen in Africa. From the entrance of the park, the road winds through a vast lush forest in which the baboon troops stroll nonchalantly, blue monkeys nimble between the mahogany trees and the charming Guib advance into the shadows. 
With more than 400 recorded bird species, Lake Manyara offers the perfect experience of Tanzania birdlife. Visitors can observe a hundred species in one day. The observation of thousands of flamingos, in perpetual migration, as well as other large waterfowl such as pelicans, cormorants and storks will truly make the highlight of your trip.
In addition, the descent into the Ngorongoro Crater is of picturesque beauty. You will walk through a lush forest which is home and grazing yard for many elephants and buffaloes. Once inside the Ngorongoro crater, you will trully admire the incredible landscape around you. Your guide will take you through the grassy ground of the crater, the acacias, the shores of Lake Magadi and the surrounding swamps. You will then enjoy a picnic lunch in the heart of this extraordinary paradise of nature

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The main aim of a safari is to discover and observe the animal kingdom of the savannah. In this safari you will be able to do both. Tanzania is one of the most exceptional places to observe wildlife and exceptional geographical diversities like the volcanic landscape forged by the Rift Valley, the plains of Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, the azure blue sea of the Indian Ocean, and the beaches of Zanzibar. East African Voyage will make your dream safari come true by providing you with an authentic experience of the Tanzanian wonders and culture.

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The best way to prepare for high altitude climbing is to climb at high altitudes. Although it is difficult for most people to grasp this, remember that the higher the altitude and the longer the excercise hike, the better you will be prepared for your climb. Whether it's a 2,000-foot hike up the local hill or climbing great mountains, just hiking is effective. This activity will also allow you to get used to your backpack and your hiking boots.

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